Why a hardcopy planner and the analogue method?


Why a hardcopy planner and the analogue method?

The question I have probably heard a hundred times in the last few years while creating the Planzy Planner. There is a very crucial yet simple answer to it, and it all comes down to the act of hand-writing itself:


The act of hand-writing keeps our mind in the present moment. And luckily, only in the present moment can we discover and get to know ourselves.

Also, when brainstorming ideas and goals, you need a wider perspective to see and set your decisions. We do that by writing them down.

„Every action not taken is just a thought.“

BUT, when you write it down, it allows you to catch your thoughts and reflect on them.

This is why.

I tend to see myself as a tech-savvy girl, but when it comes to my planner, I am old-school all the way.

This is why I loved designing the Planzy Planner. It is a place to save ALL of your thoughts, ideas, sketches, agenda and decisions. You could also see Planzy as your Lifebook, your living autobiography where you can track which decisions and which actions you have taken has led you to where you are today.

Imagine. Focus. Improve.

With lots of love,


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