Wholesale & Bulk Orders​

We offer discounts off our retail price if you are looking to purchase in bulk, stock our journals or you are a wholesaler.

If you order:

10 or more Planzy Planners, you get 2% off discount
(use code: 10PLANZY at checkout)

30 or more Planzy Planners, you get 5% off discount
(use code: 30PLANZY at checkout)

50 or more Planzy Planners, you get 7% off discount
(use code: 50PLANZY at checkout)

For orders above 100 Planzy Planners, we offer a 10% discount
(use code: 100PLANZY at checkout)

Custom Bulk Orders

If you’d like to customise or brand our Planzy Planner as gift for your employees or loyal customers,
we would be delighted to hear from you and help you out!

However, bear in mind that the minimum order for bulk purchases is 500 units.

For more information and support about placing a bulk order, please contact us at hello@planzyplanner.com.

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