3 reasons why a hardcopy planner is so much better than a digital app


Why is a hardcopy planner much better than a digital app?

Have you heard that saying: A short pencil is better than a long memory? 🤔
I have heard this saying a long time ago and it totally resonates with me. Even though I am a millennial, I am pretty old-school by heart.
Living in this digital era has made us less compassionate, more anxious and impatient than all of our ancestor generations combined.

Why is that? Why do we let technology and digitalization mess with our lives? Well, it does have its perks. You can make everything online today and (during the pandemics) you can live your life while not leaving the house for days. My grandparents would have had some trouble acknowledging that.

However, let’s start with the reasons. So the first reason has got something with the act of writing itself. I do believe that writing is crucial. Especially when it comes to writing down your goals, visions and agenda. When you write something down, you not only have it available as a reference, you also are more likely to remember it in the first place. So you’re able to absorb and act upon the information better than someone who doesn’t take notes. According to the famous business and personal coach Brian Tracy, you first need to get into the habit of writing your goals down on paper. Writing your goals down will help you keep track of them, but the importance of this step goes far beyond memory purposes. Physically writing down your goals on a piece of paper activates your subconscious mind in a way that will not only help you remember your goals but also help you prioritize them and highlight their importance in your subconscious. It’s important to understand that taking notes on a laptop or your phone won’t always have these same benefits, so stick to paper and ink when writing down your goals.

Secondly, when you use a hardcopy planner, you have the opportunity to come back to your written goals and you are able to easily visualize them. Brian Tracy has an opinion on visualizing your goals as a powerful motivator, and the best way to visualize goals is to visualize them as if they have already been achieved. Visualizing your goals as if they are already achieved allows you to envision what your life will look like after your goals have been accomplished. If you’ve set goals that are valuable and meaningful to your life, this visualization exercise can be very motivating and inspiring. And with written goals and visions, you can always come back to them, revise them and have them at the top of your mind.

Before launching the Planzy Planner, many people gave me advice and their opinion not to proceed with this idea, and to launch a digital planner application (which will be more used and better accepted). However, being an old-school gal helped me choose the hardcopy planner style (yes, and I am happy I did).
So, try writing down your visions and goals and let me know how that works for you!

As for the third reason, well…you can actually never really enjoy a digital application as much as you can enjoy the design and the smell of the paper itself, don’t you agree?😎


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